A Star Map Is For Life

Showcase how the stars and planets looked on the day that’s special to you.

A piece of art they will cherish forever.






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Name A Star

Dedicate an actual star to your loved ones. Gift a timeless momento that is as eternal as stars in the sky.

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You can find your star on our Star Tracker App and even view it in VR.

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What Is A Star Map?

An astronomically accurate snapshot of how the stars looked above you on a date and place that is special to you.

We print this star map on a luxurious art frame with a complete gifting experience so you can remember this moment in a timeless piece of art.

How Is Star Map Made?

The entire library of all celestial objects which includes approx 100 million stars, comets and asteroids has been logged by NASA Astronomical Data Center Star Catalog.

This data comes from past and present NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements.

We use this data and feed it into our proprietary software which then uses the geographical coordinates and the date-time provided by you to chart out an accurate map of these objects.

We then beautify this map by adding graphics and plotting popular constellations to create a timeless piece of art that is ready to adorn your wall forever.

How Accurate Is Our Star Map?

Caluclating the positions of stars and planets is an exact science that can be calculated by anyone and can be cross-verified.

You can verify the authenticity of our star maps using any open source or free app available to check live sky data (Stellerium is our favourite app).

Each of our Star Map comes with a full gifting kit which has a certificate of authenticity.

How To Make My Star Map?

Select your Star Map designs, enter a location, date and time of your special day, personalize your Star Map with your custom text and complete the checkout. You will have your Star Map delivered within 6-8 days.


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