Name A Star: With Star Tracking App & Gift Kit


Dedicate an actual star to your loved ones. Deliver a timeless momento in our luxurious gift kit where they can unbox a celestial magic — a certificate that shows the coordinates of an actual star that has been named after them, a guide on how to locate the star and view their star on our live Star Tracker & VR app.

Sytara, in collaboration with, brings you this unique gifting experience of naming a star and permanently have it recorded into the OSR star catalog.

Digital version gives you an instant registration, certificate and guide in PDF format along with access to view your star on the app.

VR Gift Kit includes:

  • Star Registration Certificate with Display Stand
  • Star Location Poster
  • Guide Book on How To Find Your Star
  • Star Tracker App
  • VR Goggles + VR Space App
  • Your Personal Star Page (With Guestbook To Leave Messages)
  • Luxurious Gift Box


Imagine giving a gift as enduring as the cosmos. With our “Name a Star” gift kit, you can dedicate a star in the official OSR star catalog to your beloved, creating a timeless symbol of your affection.

Your chosen star is uniquely theirs, viewable from anywhere using our Star Tracking App. Elevate the experience by exploring your star in breathtaking detail through our visually stunning Virtual Reality app.

Perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, wedding day for couples and birthdays or baby shower / baby naming ceremony for individuals, this gift transcends the ordinary, offering a personal piece of the universe to your loved one. Connect your destinies like constellations in the sky—gift a star today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose a star to name?

You don’t need to worry about selecting a star yourself; our system will assign a unique star to each name entered into the OSR star catalog and provide you its exact coordinates which you can use to locate the star. Each star is visible from somewhere on Earth, ensuring that your gift has a personal and visible connection to the recipient.

Can I choose a specific constellation for my star?

Yes, while our default option assigns stars randomly, you can choose to select a specific constellation for your star based on the zodiac sign. This option is perfect for making your gift even more personalized and meaningful.

Is the star naming officially recognized?

The names are recorded in the OSR star catalog which is an independent registry based off official star catalog created by European Space Agency and are used to uniquely identify the stars in our system and apps. However, it’s important to note that star naming is not recognized by official astronomical organizations like the International Astronomical Union or NASA.

Will anyone else be able to name my star?

No, once a star is registered in the catalog, it is uniquely associated with the name you’ve chosen and cannot be named again.

Can I actually view my star?

Yes. Your star’s live position can be tracked and viewed using our Star Tracking App, which is available for download on iOS and Android. Additionally, you can experience your star in Virtual Reality through our VR app, offering a more immersive way to see your star.

What do I receive when I purchase the "Name a Star" gift kit?

You will receive a certificate of star registration, which includes the star’s name, its astronomical coordinates, and a star map poster showing its location. The kit also includes a guide book for information about your star and how to track it. The VR Gift Kit comes with a simple Virtual Reality headset which you can use to attach your phone and use our VR app. You also get access to our Star Tracking and VR apps for a complete celestial experience.

Is this gift suitable for occasions other than romance?

Absolutely! While naming a star is a perfect romantic gift, it’s also a wonderful way to commemorate milestones, honor a family member or friend, birthdays and new born baby naming, or as a memorial tribute, making it versatile for any special occasion.

Is this a scam?

No. While there are other companies that claim to register your star and just provide you a letter or a poster saying a star has been named after you, we are completely against such malpractices. We have partnered with OSR which is a trusted registry based in Europe that has the real star catalog with their actual coordinates. And to give you more proof, these coordinates can be verified using our Star Tracking app.

What kind of unboxing can I expect?

Unboxing your Name A Star Gift Kit is a magical experience that makes your occasion so special and memorable, they will remember it forever. They will be able to unpack the certificate which comes with a display stand so they can showcase their star on their desk. There’s a star map poster and guide book which they can read to learn more about their star and the constellation.

The star tracking app keeps them busy with curiosity while the VR app takes them on a magical space journey where they can not only view their star but even interact with space elements, walk on moon, play games and learn more about the cosmos.

How long will it take to deliver?

Since each order is personalized, it takes us 3 working days to prepare and ship your order. We ship via air across India so it will take another 2 to 5 days for the shipment to get delivered based on your location. You should ideally buy the gift 10 days in advance for it to reach on time for your special occasion.

Additional information

Additional information

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