Buy Star Maps to Surprise Kids on their special occasions at Sytara

Ever seen a kid’s smile when he or she receives a gift? Well, if yes, then that would be the best thing one can ever witness. Nobody can ever get excited enough as much as a kid gets when he or she receives anything they like as their gift. So, why shouldn’t we present something innovative, exciting, and teach children at the same time? It is quite difficult to think of such personalized gifts for kids, but Sytara has come up to the rescue and brought Star Maps as the best-personalized gifts for Kids.

Sytara has come up with the most innovative idea of gifting star maps to our loved ones on their special occasions. These maps are something which we will be cherished by almost everyone irrespective of the age. These maps make the best thoughtful gifts for kids as they will get to know more about the universe and astronomical objects.

About Star Maps

A star Map is a pictorial representation of the positions of astronomical objects like stars, planets, moon, and sun on a specific date, time, and from a specific place on Earth. The date and time for the celestial object’s positions are specified by the customers, so each star map is unique in its day.

When can we present Star Maps?

Star Maps can be given to anyone on any occasion:

  • It makes the most meaningful and memorable gift when presented to your better half on your wedding or anniversary day.
  • It is the best option when you plan to gift it to your lover on Valentine’s Day.
  • It makes a perfect piece to propose anyone with. They will always cherish and remember this beautiful moment.
  • This is the most personal and meaningful gift to present on birthdays.
  • When presented on baby showers, it makes the moment significant for parents throughout their life.
  • It makes a perfect option to buy customized birthday gifts for kids.

Why choose Sytara?

Sytara takes the responsibility to make your moments most memorable by delivering beautiful star maps.

  • We offer personalized maps that are created as per the date and time specified by our customers.
  • The maps made are accurate and reliable as they are created with the help of data taken by NASA Astronomical Data Centre Star Catalog.
  • All the maps are printed on high-resolution matte finished art paper which ensures longer durability.
  • They are shipped with a high-quality acrylic frame which will catch everybody’s attention.
  • We also take urgent orders which will be delivered to customers within 3-5 working days.

How do we create a Star Map?

Star maps are created with the help of data taken from Nasa Planetary missions, astronomical observations, and lab measurements. We make use of this data by feeding it into our software which later uses date and time specified by our customers to chart out the exact positions of celestial objects.

If you are looking for personalized kids birthday gifts online, then you must visit Sytara to explore more about Star Maps.