Choose the Best-Personalized Gift of Star Map at Sytara

Friends are the family that we choose. They are the ones with whom we love to spend our precious time. They love us, support us, and stand along with us in all good and bad times. There come many occasions when we think of presenting gifts to our best buddies. The occasion can be his or her birthday, friendship day, or any other special occasion which calls for celebrations. People always want to cherish their beautiful relationship with their friends.

Choosing a perfect gift for your friend requires efforts and thoughts. It can be tricky to choose something that makes him or her happy and which expresses our love for them. Out of many other options available in the market, the best one that the customers can go for is star maps.

Star Map makes one of the best-personalized gifts for a friend. This beautiful art piece is unique and an interesting gift idea. Sytara creates unique star maps based on the date and time provided by the customers. This art piece holds the potential to amaze your friend with its beauty.

Buy Star Maps at Sytara

Star Map is a pictorial representation of the positions of stars, moon, sun, and planets on the specified date and time from a particular location on Earth. Every map will be different because it is designed and created based on the date and time mentioned by the customer. So, all maps are unique in their way.           

Why choose Sytara for Star Map?

We, at Sytara, thrive on making your moments more memorable by offering our beautiful and unique art piece of the star map. We aim to provide the best of our following services:

  • We design star maps based on data provided by the NASA Astronomical Data Centre Star Catalog.
  • The data that we use is collected from the NASA missions, observations, and laboratory measurements. So, we assure you the highest level of accuracy and authenticity of our star maps.
  • We use High-quality matte finished art paper for the printing of our star maps. These high-resolution papers ensure the longest duration of our artwork.
  • We also provide our star map with a premium quality acrylic frame. This will add more to the beauty of our star maps.
  • In case the customers want to place urgent orders, then we ensure you to deliver the same within 3-5 working days.
  • We also offer wrapping and packaging services for our star maps.  

The star maps that we provide to our customers will make the best choice for the customized gifts for a friend.   

How are Star Maps created at Sytara?

We create our star maps based on data provided by the NASA Astronomical Data Centre Star Catalog. This data is later fed into our software which further uses the date and time provided by the customer to create a unique star map. We beautify these unique maps by adding graphics and constellations in it.

So, if you are struggling and looking for personalized gifts for a friend, then you must choose our beautiful star map. This will bring a huge smile to your friend’s face.