Surprise Your Godmother with Star Maps from Sytara

There comes a time when every godchild wants to thank and honour the work of his or her godmother. A godmother is one that is chosen by the parents of the child and entrusted with the responsibility of providing religious education. She is only responsible for the good upbringing of the child. She cares and supports and stands with the child throughout all ups and downs of his or her life. So, it becomes a responsibility on the part of the child to honour the services of the godmother.

A gift for a godmother should be something very thoughtful and meaningful. It should be something that brings a big grin on her face and something that she remembers all her life. A person should always look for some personalized gifts for godmother. The gift should express the love that a child has for her godmother.

The best option for personalized gifts for godmother is Star Map. A star map is an innovative product offered by the Sytara. This product would bring a big smile on your god mother’s face.

About Star Map

Star map is a pictorial representation of the positions of astronomical bodies like stars, sun, moon, and planets on a particular day and time from a specific location on earth. Sytara creates this beautiful star map based on the date and time provided by the customers, so every map they provide is unique in itself.

Why Sytara?

  • Sytara delivers memorable moments through the creation of a unique star map. We provide the following amazing services which make us popular among our customers.
  • We design and create a star map with the help of data collected from the NASA astronomical Data Centre Star Catalog.
  • We assure our customers of the authenticity and reliability of the star maps that we provide.
  • We offer the highest quality print of our star maps. We use high-resolution matte finished art paper that guarantees to stay for a longer duration.
  • We ship our sky maps with a premium quality acrylic frame that will catch everybody’s attention.
  • We also accept urgent orders, and they are delivered within 3-5 working days.
  • We offer our product with proper wrapping and packaging.

Presenting star maps would make a perfect choice of customized gifts for godmother.

We, at Sytara, create these beautiful star maps from the data collected from the present, past NASA Missions, observations, and other measurements. We then feed the whole data into our software which later uses the time and date provided by the customer to chart out the unique star creates. We also add graphics and constellation plotting to create this beautiful piece of art. These star maps will add a huge charm to the wall and will attract everybody’s attention.

So, say no to the boring gifts and choose star maps as one of the best choices of personalized gifts for godmother. This piece of art will surely make her feel special, and she will always remember this beautiful effort made by you.