Star Map

Isn’t a star one of the symbols of love? How many times do we express our love by using the word star, pointing to a star, promising a star, or looking for our loved ones in the stars? We have been expressing our love through stars for many years. It would cost us a fortune to book a rocket to watch the stars with our loved ones, but here on Earth, we have been blessed with incredible minds, and those minds have created a star map. The star map is the same as gifting stars. You can give a gift to your parents on their anniversary, your partner on Valentine’s Day, or your siblings on a special occasion. By tracking the positions of the stars on your special day, if any star was born on that special location, Sytara will make a star map of your day.  Another advantage is that it gives walls an elite appearance. It looks like cherry on the cake. 

Star lamp

The frame of a star map and the lamp of a star are nearly identical, but, as the name implies, the only difference is the frame and the lamp. The frame looks good on the wall, and the lamp looks good next to our sofas, beds, near the television, in the balcony, and so on. Consider giving a star lamp to your partner for Valentine’s Day and how lovely it would look beside your bed. I’m sure there will be nights when you come home from a long day, look at your star lamp, and just think about that beautiful day with your partner, and I know it makes you blush. Well, stop whining and start shopping. 


There is no one who does not have a social media account in this day and age. We all like to post high-quality photos in order to keep our feeds up to date. Consider how wonderful it would be if you could have your Instagram photos framed in a high-quality frame and delivered to you. Gleebox can assist you with that. 
You can subscribe to their service, and they will frame your monthly Instagram photos and deliver them to you every month.
This could be one of the best self-gifts you’ve ever given to yourself.
You can also give these unique gifts to your instagram holic partner, siblings, or friends.
The best part is that it is one of the most unique gifts they will come across, making you stand out from the crowd. Stop daydreaming and start shopping.

Bombay Trooper

If you enjoy travelling more than anything else in your life, you must be concerned about your comfort while doing so. Nowadays, everyone is travelling, and why not? The world is too beautiful to ignore, so, of course, we should all travel and gain experience of different places, food, life, climates, and so on.  Bombay Trooper is full of amazing products ranging from bags to clothing that is both beautiful and colourful. One of the most unique gifts, and it will undoubtedly make you appear to be a thoughtful person in front of your loved ones. Well comfort is luxury while travelling.  Jeans won’t look sexy in the mountains. What looks sexy is Bombay Trooper products, which are gonna stick to you from flower valley to snowy mountains. The outfit and bag go hand in hand and it looks amazing. In this uncomfortable world, what would be a greater gift than comfort? Well, stop Imagining and start ordering

Photo Frame

Yes, it does sound like a basic idea, but what is different about the photo frame I am suggesting? With the help of Syatra, you can get a customized star map with your photo. It will make you feel just like standing under the stars and enjoying the milky way in the cold breeze surrounded by nothing but nature. This is one of the purest and most thoughtful ways of expressing your love to your loved ones. We understand that “Taare Thod Launga/Laungi” is not an easy job to do, so we brought the whole sky full of stars for you on your special day. Looking at that frame in the hall and feeling nostalgia about that special day is not less than living that day again. Well, wipe your tears and start ordering 

Author :- Shikha Gupta