Get Our Star Maps as The Best-Personalized Baby’s Birthday Gift at Sytara

The most important day in every parent’s life is the day when their baby is born. They want to remember the beauty and happiness of every single moment that a baby brought with his or her birth in their life. They want to do something which remarks on the beauty of this day. Well, it is quite difficult to find something which can be presented to a baby and which justifies the happiness of the day of his or her birth. But the good news is Sytara has come up with the most unique gift idea.

Star Maps, by Sytara makes the best personalized birthday gifts for baby. This is the best gift option as it would be made as per the date and time of his birth. Similarly, Star maps can be presented to anyone on a special occasion. This would make the most innovative and meaningful gift to them.

What is the Star Map?

A star Map is a pictorial representation of positions of celestial objects, i.e. stars, planets, moon, and the sun on a specific date and time from a specific place on Earth. Star Maps are made as per the date and time mentioned by the customer, so every star map has its uniqueness and importance.

Why choose Sytara for Star Maps?

We, at Sytara, design and create star maps based on the date and time mentioned by the customer. These maps are so amazing that they make your precious moments more beautiful.

  • We design and create star maps based on the date and time mentioned by customers. So, star maps make the perfect personalized gift.
  • We create star maps based on data taken from the NASA Astronomical Centre Star catalog. So they are highly accurate and reliable.
  • We print our star maps on high-resolution matte finished art paper which ensures the highest durability.
  • We ship our star maps with a high-quality acrylic frame which adds charms to the surroundings.
  • We also accept urgent orders and deliver them within 3-5 working days.
  • We also provide wrapping facilities for our star maps.

So, Star maps make a perfect present when you plan to buy customized birthday gifts for a baby.

How are Star Maps made at Sytara?

We design and create star maps by collecting data from the NASA Astronomical Data Centre star Catalog. This whole data is completely accurate as it is based on NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and lab measurements.

We collect the whole data from the above-mentioned sources and then feed it into our software. Later this software uses the date and time mentioned by our customers to locate the positions of celestial objects. This is how we create customized star maps.

We also add graphics and constellations to beautify our star maps. These star maps look so amazing that they will add extra charm to your beautiful walls.

So, if you want to buy personalized baby birthday gifts online, then you must visit our site and explore our beautiful star maps.