Choose the BestCustomized Gift of Star Maps at Sytara

The divine relationship of friendship is neither defined by blood nor by any kind of similarity. Rather it is defined by the love and care that two people have for each other. A friend is someone with whom we love spending our time and with whom we share all our joys and sorrows. One of the trickiest things that everyone experiences is to plan a birthday gift for our friend. We want to gift something that he or she always cherish and remember throughout their lifetime. But we can’t figure out what to gift. Sytara has come up with the most unique idea of presenting a star map as a birthday gift.

Star Maps make the best personalized birthday gifts for a friend. Star Maps, when made as per the date and time mentioned by the customer, automatically makes your gift more precious and meaningful to the other person to whom it is being presented.

What is Star Maps?

Star Maps is a pictorial representation of positions of astronomical objects like stars, sun, moon, and the other planets on a specific date and time from a specific place on Earth. These customized maps are made based on the date and time mentioned by the customers, so these maps are unique and different from each other.                              

Star Maps is one of the best gifts which can be presented to anyone on any special occasion. These customized maps, when made as per the information given, suit every occasion. These can be presented on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, childbirth, proposals, etc.

Why choose Sytara for Star Maps?

Sytara aims to make the precious moments of their customers the most memorable ones by delivering their best-personalized star maps.

  • We make the best-personalized star maps that are created as per the date and the time mentioned by the customer.
  • The star maps created are correct and reliable as their data is collected from NASA Astronomical Data Centre Star Catalog.
  • We print our precious star maps on high resolution matte finished art paper. These papers ensure the highest durability of our artwork.
  • We ship our artwork with a premium quality acrylic frame. The frame used for star maps will add charm to our beautiful walls.
  • We also take urgent orders. We ship those orders within 3-5 working days.
  • We also provide a wrapping facility for our star maps.

So, if you want to buy customized birthday gifts for a friend, then you must consider gifting Star Maps from Sytara.        

How are Star Maps at Sytara created?

We at Sytara collect data for our star maps from NASA Astronomical Data Centre Star Catalog. Our star maps are all used on the information of NASA Planetary missions, astronomical observations, and lab measurements. We utilize the whole data, feed into our software. Our software later makes use of the date and time mentioned by the customers to create star maps. We also add graphics and constellations to make our timepiece of artwork more beautiful. If you want to buy personalized friend birthday gifts online, then you must visit our site to explore more about our product.